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About the PremierQuotes Group

DirtCheap Insurance and
PremierQuotes Inc.

Our sample application starts with a fictitious insurance company, PremierQuotes Inc., which specializes in the high end of the home insurance market. After a number of successful years selling comprehensive policies, PremierQuotes has saturated the market and desperately needs to find new ways to increase its revenue without diluting the PremierQuotes brand image.

Only a few miles away is the small office which houses fictitious DirtCheap Insurance Ltd. The company was started on a shoestring, hence its low operating costs and targeted marketing have enabled it to quickly become one of the major players in budget home insurance. In order to fulfill the growth expectations of its stakeholders, PremierQuotes acquires DirtCheap Insurance with a hostile takeover and forms the PremierQuotes Group.

Designing two new innovative mid-office applications, PremierQuotes evaluates and decides for a Web services-based approach. Throughout the book, you will meet fictitious members of the target audience as they find their way through this first-of-a-kind project, and hear their opinions on the topic at hand.

People of PremierQuotes Group

Zippy Coder, Evan Gelist, Lee Gassi, Penny Kieper, Archie Tekt, Ed U. Cate, Fuzzy Pikturez, Vast Tawker, Dee Ploiman and many more.

People of...
Archie Tekt
Archie Tekt
Zippy Coder
Zippy Coder
Ed U Cate
Ed U. Cate

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