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Recommended Reading and Online References (2003-2015)

Three recommended reads for any software architect, finding the balance between theory and practice, independent of any architectural style and technology:
  • Software Systems Architecture by Nick Rozanski and Eoin Woods introduces core architecture concepts, as well as a sound, viewpoint- and perspective-based architecture framework. The second edition is available now.
  • Just Enough Software Architecture by George Fairbanks proposed a pragmatic and risk-driven approach to design method tailoring and modeling.
  • The Process of Software Architecting by Peter Cripps and Peter Eeles is a definite reference for architecting tasks, work products and realization levels.

Make sure to visit the EIP website supporting the seminal Enterprise Integration Patterns (EIP) book. After a longer break, Gregor now rambles again - check out Writing for Busy People and Explaining Stuff!

Grady Booch Handbook of Software Architecture website is back. Quotes, links, and, in previous versions, 2000 patterns collected and classified!

Two new SOA and Web services books came out in 2007: Web Services: Principles and Technology by Mike Papazoglou and SOA in Practice by Nicolai Josuttis.

This page is no longer kept up to date; please refer to the collection of Software Architectural Knowledge Hubs at the Institute for Software at the University of Applied Science of Eastern Switzerland (HSR FHO) for more recent information. For recommended readings and online resources about Cloud Application Design (CAD) and Cloud Deployment and Architectural Refactoring (CDAR), please refer to websites of ongoing projects such as Architectural Refactoring for Cloud (ARC).

Top Ten Web Links Listed in the Book

We decided to merely provide a top ten list of Web links. Many more URLs can be found at the end of each Perspective in the book.

1. DeveloperWorks Web services zone and IBM redbooks:


2. World Wide Web Consortium (W3C):


3. The OASIS organization:


4. Apache XML and Web services:


5. Java homepage at Oracle (formerly Sun):


6. IBM software and project jumpstart:


7. IBM technology previews:


8. Component Based Development and Interaction (CBDI):


9. Globus Toolkit and the Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA):


10. Source code for the case study:

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